Financial Services & GDPR compliant

Remote administrator control 

Encrypted group chat (replaces whatsapp)

One device with two mobile numbers

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

Recorded Voice & Chat in one App

500 international minutes 

In App call-playback

International minutes typically 10X cheaper

Integrations & Compatibility

"Our best estimate is that 25-30% of the workforce will be working from home multiple days a week by the end of 2021"

- Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics

5 Star Rated

True Mobile Productivity

VENNCOMM TALK® is for all businesses small and large.

  1. Schedule & record all calls and conference calls

  2. Private text and voice channel 

  3. Slash costs for international calls and mobile compliance 

  4. Instant group conferences & chats

Vencomm Talk Diagram.png

Security and Segregation

  1. Switch between work and personal

  2. Built in safeguards for every situation

  3. Recording, capture, storage, recall 

  4. VENNCOMM TALK is automatically recorded for compliance with industry & GDPR rules.


Familiar UI 

  1. Research proves employees are more productive when using mobile devices they are familiar with.

  2. mirrors functionality of today’s most popular operating systems.


Capture & Retrieval 

  1. Regulatory authorities have the right to examine all business communications and ensure GDPR compliance.

  2. VENNCOMM Vault offers instant access to stored files – be they text or  voice recordings to meet this demand.



Flexibility is one of VENNCOMM TALK’s® key attributes. Rather than asking you to configure your systems to match the app’s capabilities, we tailor the app to suit your current and future communications’ needs. (On most occasions, we even white-label the product to match your corporate ID – thereby improving user buy-in and enhancing your employer brand.)

And because the app is totally scalable in terms of adoption and functionality, you only pay for actual use – not for set-up costs or infrequently accessed features. Most customers opt for our core package of app, lowest-cost carrier network and Vault as this meets their key comms, costs and compliance needs.