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Crystal Clear Call Quality

Tier 1 global non-VOIP calling even with 50+ participants.
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Encrypted group chat (replaces WhatsApp)

Using apps such as WhatsApp in a work environment is likely to be breaching compliance protocols. We always offer end-to-end encryption with message archiving and remote administrator control to ensure compliance and high levels of productivity.

One device with two mobile numbers

VCTalk-Safe® splits your personal device in two. Providing you with a brand-new virtual business line allowing you to keep private and work communications separate without the excessive costs of purchasing a second device.

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In App recording and call-playback

  • Quality assurance and performance monitoring

  • Improve customer service through dispute resolution and risk management

  • Use call recordings as a tool to coach staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions, to improve overall performance.

  • Regulatory compliance and internal adherence to company policy

  • Reveal customer service workflow issues

  • Understand the whole customer experience

  • More informed decisions

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Call Scheduling with Auto-Start

Call scheduling and auto start are two powerful features that set Talk-Safe® apart. Schedule a call for a date and time or to repeat on certain days and the app will automatically dial all participants for you. Never miss a call again!

Full featured conference calling included

Users can host or join conference calls with virtually unlimited participants with crystal clear audio. Combine this with our scheduling, auto start, and recording features, and conferences have never been easier!

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Remote administrator control

Having remote administrator control is a must for remote workers or employees using personal devices. Experts have found this to boost productivity extensively. As well as ensuring procedures and a high level of customer care are always being met.

International minutes typically 10X lower cost

We offer international non-voip calls up to 10x cheaper than any UK phone network. Experts have found this App dramatically reduces costs by turning your bundled local minutes into business grade international calls. For more information on international rates please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Message archiving

Vault allows users to securely archive messages between internal teams or with clients. This is the only secure way of complying with your regulatory procedures, addressing GDPR issues whilst boosting productivity.

Financial Services and GDPR Compliant

VCTalk-Safe® has been created to resolve GDPR and Compliance challenges for mobile communications. If you have any questions about how VCTalk-Safe® works to solve these challenges, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Top Savers

Typically 10 times cheaper than mobile tariffs

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