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December 2020

How eSIM Phones Can Benefit a Modern Business

eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular in mobile technology. 102 million smartphones used this technology in 2019, and five times as many are expected by 2024.

So what are eSIMs, and how can they benefit your business?

What is an eSIM?

When you hear about an e-something, it’s easy to skim over the “e”, as we’re used to it implying digital delivery, something that’s become standard for so much of our lives. But with eSIMs, that letter matters, as it stands for “embedded”.

An eSIM is a piece of technology integrated into a digital device. It provides a secure vault for storing mobile subscription details, and so lets the device connect to networks in the same way as a conventional SIM. But the eSIM has three important differences:

  • It’s not removable.

  • It’s a fraction of the size.

  • It can hold five sets of subscription details, instead of just one.

eSIMs are built to standard specifications covering important topics such as data format and security mechanisms. This has ensured their interoperability and their smooth connection into mobile networks.

From a manufacturing point of view, eSIMS allow smaller devices that are better sealed against water and dust. There are also other benefits for customers.

The Customer Benefits of eSIMs

Because they can hold multiple subscription details, eSIMs let a phone have multiple numbers over different networks, easily switching between them. The benefits of this include:

  • Switching networks in areas with limited signal.

  • Avoiding roaming charges when abroad.

  • Different financial plans for different purposes.

  • Separate work and personal numbers in a single device.

That last point is particularly important for businesses. It makes it easier to keep staff connected while separating out personal and business use. Separately billed numbers can automatically split out work and personal us. It also removes concerns about gathering personal data when recording calls, as recording can be linked to the work number

This is made even easier by using an app like VC Experience’s VCTALK-SAFE®, which segregates the separate uses of the phone while providing security and call recordings.

Improving Portability With VCTALK-SAFE

This technology helps with number porting and the wholesale purchase of mobile numbers. In some countries, this can be incredibly difficult, but the combination of eSIM and VCTALK-SAFE® makes it easy. A cloud-based work number connects to VCTALK-SAFE® for both incoming and outgoing calls, separating this from standard traffic regardless of where in the world you are. Our global recorded

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