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Crystal Clear Call Quality

January 2021

Compliant Global Communications for Consultants


Compliant, recorded mobile communications are difficult to achieve, especially when you need a standardised global approach. This is doubly challenging for consulting teams, who may be dropped into new environments where they need access to their own compliant communications.

What are the mobile communication challenges these teams face? And how can they be overcome?


Complying on Someone Else’s Ground

When a consulting team is seconded a Fortune 500 company, they’re immediately detached from their home office and reliant on mobile communications, possibly in the form of their own devices.

These teams need a discrete comms network they can use internally, externally, and with the company they’re working in, for whom they hold a strange position, part insider, part outsider. They need all the usual communication channels, including voice calls, conferencing, and messaging. They also need to keep good records of their communications, both for the information of the businesses involved and to comply with regulations. All this should be done while separating out private communications from those relating to the consulting work.

Some other factors come into play. The desire to keep costs down. Avoiding service disruption while the network is established.  Allowing members of the team to keep their existing mobile numbers. Maintaining central control so that the system can easily be deployed, configured, and maintained.

Even in normal circumstances, setting up a network like this across a global business is challenging. Operators can seldom provide the whole package. Costs rise across different vendors. You’re trying to set up a whole comms network with the minimum of disruption to the clients, when that process is inherently disruptive.



A Standardised Compliant Network

By running the VCTALK-SAFE® App, a team can set up a network across their mobile devices, with existing work numbers connected via the App. Consulting Teamwork communications are then routed through our global cellular network, creating a compliant system for both internal and external workers. All calls and messages are then recorded and saved into the VCKEEP-SAFE® encrypted archiving repository, accessible in app, to provide secure, centralised, auditable data.

This system is deployed to members by secure download. An easy-to-use UI means all members use the same App, simplifying control & deployment with virtually no user training. The organisation retains remote central control, allowing easy upgrades and ensuring compliance. Decommissioning the system at the end of the project is simple like a pop-up system dismantled in an instant.

This system doesn’t disrupt existing mobile contracts at the host organisation but instead works alongside & through them. This keeps users plugged into local discrete company networks and where BYOD is deployed lets them carry out private communications through the same devices, without private information entering the project records.

There’s no disruption, but there is significant potential for cost savings, and with the World100 tariff economies of scale are achieved. 100% of CAPEX and over 60% of OPEX costs are typically saved. Most critically, organisational risks are dramatically reduced with the single, compliant system that keeps the records you need.

Being dropped into a new business can be challenging. A standardised, compliant global communication system reduces time to efficacy of the team.


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