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In the ever-evolving mobile world, use of personal devices in a work setting is now a reality. And whatever BYOD/COPE rules and regulations are set in place, leakage and mis-use (accidental or otherwise) can’t always be prevented. That’s why VCTALK-SAFE  is such a valuable tool for companies who want to improve their communications’ efficiencies, protect their employees’ privacy and adhere to ever-more stringent regulatory requirements.

Text messaging and mobile chat apps are fast becoming the tool of choice among employees because they are easy to use instant, and widespread – ensuring faster response than an email.



  • The enterprise-grade messaging platform for iOS & Android

  • Administrator tools provide a full audit trail

  • Increase Team collaboration


  • Compliant with industry regulations such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and GDPR

  • Segregates work from personal communications automatically

  • Deploy globally with one App / One Compliance Policy


  • Your own Company Branded Chat-Safe solution enhances trust & loyalty

  • Direct secure communication with your clients

  • Cementing great brand relationships with customers is the holy grail for most businesses

Captured, Encrypted and Branded

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